Legal services for cooperatives and associations

Legal Services for Housing Cooperatives and Unit Owners‘ Associations at the Law Firm Advokát 21

Our firm specializes in providing complex legal services for housing cooperatives and unit owners’ associations. This area brings specific challenges, in particular the complexity or difficulty of governance and management of these entities for their leaders (boards, chairmen, committees). We are therefore ready to provide the statutory bodies of housing cooperatives and associations with expert legal assistance and support at every stage of their activities. We cooperate on a permanent basis with the SMBD (Association of Housing Cooperatives and Owners’ Associations of the Czech Republic, z.s.), which brings together a number of housing Co-ops and associations.

Legal services for housing cooperatives and unit owners‘ associations
Legal services for cooperatives and associations

Setting up a Cooperative or associations

We offer assistance with the preparation and review of housing cooperatives and associations’ founding documentation, as well as revisions to existing documentation, along with support for the process of amending and transitioning to new bylaws. Of course, we also ensure cooperation with a reputable notary office, whose quality services are also essential for the amendment or adoption of the statutes.

Our intention is not only to draw up statutes that comply with the current wording of the law (which we take for granted), but especially to prepare them tailor-made for each organization so that they actually form a functional and practically applicable basic document of each cooperative or association, individually adapted to its size and needs.

Legal services for cooperatives and associations

Support for the Day-to-day Operations and Meetings of the Cooperative's Bodies

Our legal support for housing associations and owners’ associations focuses on supporting both day-to-day operations and organising and arranging meetings of bodies, including membership meetings and owners’ assemblies. We provide a comprehensive service to cover all aspects of the governance and management of the housing cooperative and association. This includes assistance with the preparation of meeting and assembly agendas, advisory support during meetings and assistance with recording the proceedings of meetings and decisions taken. Our aim is to ensure that all meetings run smoothly, that the proceedings and decisions taken are in full compliance with the law and current case law of the courts, and that unnecessary legal disputes are avoided.

In addition, we are also involved in the recovery of outstanding utility and dues arrears from members of co-ops and associations. Proper and efficient debt collection is crucial to the financial stability and smooth operation of these organizations, and for the legal laymen who are often in charge of them, recovery may not always be a simple matter. Our services in this area include not only the debt recovery itself, but also the proper application of all ancillary claims, including interest on late payments and recovery costs. Our aim is to ensure that members’ financial obligations to co-ops and associations are dealt with quickly and efficiently, taking care – as far as possible – to maintain good relations between all parties involved.

Other services offered include support to co-op and association for the correct fulfilment of their obligations in the billing of services. In the case of small entities, we also offer the preparation of correct billing and billing of basic services (excluding central heating and hot water), and we offer all co-ops and associations, regardless of their size, a review and revision of their existing billing templates and documentation so that they are not threatened with high penalties and fines from detail-oriented critical members.

By providing our services, we always strive to ensure that co-op and association operations run smoothly and without unnecessary legal complications. Therefore, we support housing cooperatives and unit owners’ associations in their day-to-day operations as well as in complex legal challenges, with the utmost emphasis on legal certainty, financial stability and long-term sustainability.

Legal services for cooperatives and associations

Dispute Resolution

We also deal with the resolution of disputes in co-op and association activities, both disputes with members and disputes with third parties. We are aware that legal disputes in these areas tend to be very specific and usually challenging. Whether it is an internal disagreement or conflicts with external parties, our firm provides expert legal advice and representation to resolve them. At the same time, we always prefer solutions that ensure real resolution of problems and their prevention in the future and enable housing cooperative and unit owners’ associations to operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Legal services for cooperatives and associations

Orientation in a Complex Legal Environment

We aim to be reliable partners in the complex legal environment of housing cooperatives and unit owners’ associations seeking reliable legal advice in this specific area. In providing our services and developing solutions, we rely not only on the necessary knowledge of current legal regulations, but also on knowledge of current case law and practical experience from real cases, which enables us to provide the highest possible level of service.

We specialise in unravelling legal requirements and translating complexities into understandable and practical terms for our clients to navigate through confusing legal regulations. In this way, we strive to help not only to resolve and prevent potential legal complications, but also to optimize processes and procedures within co-op and associations. Our advice is not limited to addressing current challenges, but also includes preparing for future changes and difficulties that may impact their operations.

By working with our law firm, our clients not only gain access to top-notch legal services, but also find peace of mind that their legal matters are in the hands of professionals who understand the specifics of co-ops and associations and are able to effectively navigate the complex legal environment. Our goal is to ensure that the rights and interests of our co-op and association clients and their members are protected at all levels, so that they can focus on the seamless operation and development of their co-op or association without fear of legal ambiguity or litigation.

Legal services for cooperatives and associations

Long-term and Sustainable Solutions

In providing all our services, we place an emphasis on finding long-term and sustainable solutions that prevent disputes. We believe that a preventive approach and long-term strategic support are key to the successful and effective management of co-ops and associations. We are here to provide co-ops and associations with the comprehensive legal services that are essential to their successful operation and development; regardless of their size, particular needs and challenges, we will always be ready to help.