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“Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of your needs and goals, in order to achieve the best possible results.”

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Professional legal services personalized to your needs

As a general practice law firm, we offer a wide range of legal services for individuals and businesses. Our goal is to provide an efficient and comprehensive solution to your legal needs.

Commercial and contract law

Commercial and Contract Law

Commercial and contract law, including drafting and reviewing contracts, commercial agreements and advising on commercial transactions.

Family law

Family Law

Family law is another key area of our practice. We offer legal assistance in divorce, community property settlements and child custody arrangements.

Dispute resolution and legal representation

Dispute Resolution and Legal Representation

We have extensive experience in dispute resolution, including court hearings, arbitration, mediation and debt recovery.

Legal services for housing cooperatives and unit owners‘ associations

Legal Services for Housing Cooperatives and Unit Owners‘ Associations

We offer specialized advice to housing cooperatives and HOAs, as well as members of these organizations, and represent clients in this area.

Real estate law

Real Estate Law

Advising on real estate law, including real estate transactions and securing attorney depositions.

Labour law

Labour Law

Services to both employers and employees, including drafting employment contracts and advising on employment relations.

Administrative and criminal law

Administrative and Criminal Law

We represent clients in administrative and criminal proceedings as victims and also provide defence.

Inheritance law

Inheritance Law

Navigating inheritance law is a complex journey full of legal nuances and personal decisions.

Individual approach

We understand that every legal case is unique. That’s why we take a personalized approach to each client to understand your specific needs and provide you with the highest level of legal services. Our goal is to achieve the best possible results for you or your business.

What clients say about JUDr. Petr Novotný and his team

"The cooperation was very fast, professional and nice."

I contacted JUDr. Petr Novotný with a request for a complete rewrite of the statutes of the housing association “the last minute” and at a time when he had completely full schedules. Yet he took the time to draft, consult and make all the revisions and was very flexible to my time requirements. The cooperation was very fast, professional and friendly at the same time. I very much appreciate this approach, he is fully client oriented. I considered the whole solution “online” as a great advantage in our matter, which made things very easy for me with a full workload. I will be happy to work with the doctor in the future.

"You help us to find peace in our lives."

Good morning, Mr Novotný, I am now re-reading the decision and I would like to thank you very much once again. You are helping us to find serenity in our lives and to start living a normal life with normal worries. Thank you!

"I appreciate the individual and human attitude."

Thank you again very much for the excellent work and great attitude – it was a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate the great professionalism, the individual and human approach to the issue, the sensitive perception of the relevant context, as well as the quick preparation and the precise processing of all documents.

"I wish everyone approached their profession as you do."

Thank you very much, I am glad I found you :-). Thank you so much, you have done this to 100% … I am eternally grateful for your work, I wish everybody would approach their profession like you do.

"The work was precise and the costs were predictable."

Petr did an exceptional job in providing legal services, including escrow services, all in connection with the transfer of real estate in the Czech Republic. Petr also provided me with the necessary translations and legal advice, which helped me deal with the legal and linguistic obstacles I faced throughout the transaction. He prevented or dealt with all risks and was always able to clarify any ambiguities step by step via email communication, thanks to his perfect English. His work was precise and the costs associated with it were predictable throughout the cooperation. His email communication with me and the other parties involved was perfectly organized. Thanks to his additional work and his legal advice on European regulations, government regulations and communication with the administrative authorities, the transfer of the property went smoothly.

"It's a great relief that such people still exist."

Mr. JUDr. Petr Novotný took over my court case concerning disinheritance after “losing the first round”. I very much appreciate how quickly he got to grips with the issues and was therefore immediately able to produce an excellent reasoned appeal against the district court judgment, on the basis of which he subsequently won the case at the Court of Appeal. I absolutely agree with the statement that JUDr. Petr Novotný is an extremely capable, fair and caring lawyer with a rare human approach to his client as a person whom he helps to secure his rights. It is a great relief that such people still exist. Thanks again!

"I will certainly contact you again."

Dear Doctor, Let me thank you once again for your help in buying the apartment. In particular, thanks for your super fast and flawless preparation of contracts, advice over the phone no matter what time of day, and most importantly, your bottomless well of knowledge. I will highly recommend you further and if I need legal help myself in the future I will definitely contact you again.

"Thank you for your excellent cooperation"

Dear Doctor, together with my wife and daughter, we would like to thank you very much for your excellent cooperation, for your highly professional and at the same time humanly very pleasant approach to solving our problems. Thanks to you, we can successfully close a significant part of our life chapter.

"I wouldn't change a letter in your answer."

Hello, Doctor, you have written it very nicely and concisely. I wouldn’t change a letter of your answer. I wonder how they’ll react. I am also very grateful for your interpretation of the situation. I have read it carefully and I reckon I will return to it whenever I succumb to panic. So again, thank you very much and have a good day.

"It’s the great victory for us all"

Dear Doctor, I still can’t believe it and once again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you also for the reference to the journalist, but for the moment it is all very fresh for me … I would of course very much like to discuss everything further with you first. It is absolutely incredible what you have done. It’s our great victory together. You are the best lawyer!