Real estate law

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At our law firm, we specialize in comprehensive real estate legal services and provide detailed advice and representation in a wide range of legal situations related to the purchase, sale, management and litigation of real estate. From careful drafting of contracts, to securing registration at the Land Registry, to dealing with complex lease and co-ownership disputes, our team is ready to provide expert support and protect your rights and interests in any situation involving your real estate assets.

Real estate law
Real estate law

Transactions and Escrows

We provide complex legal services in real estate transactions, including detailed drafting and review of purchase and other contracts. Our goal is to ensure that each contract is carefully drafted and covers all unique aspects of each transaction to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected at all times. From the initial concept to the final drafting of the contract, we focus on every detail to ensure the legal certainty and comprehensiveness of the documentation. Our services include, of course, not only the drafting and review of contracts, but also advice on all legal aspects related to the purchase of real estate.

An important step in real estate transactions is securing registration in the Land Registry and a reliable attorney’s escrow. In addition to ensuring a correct and smooth registration in the Land Registry, we also offer legal escrow services, both for funds and relevant documents, which is an important aspect of safety and security during the entire transaction process and eliminates the risks associated with the transfer of ownership.

Last but not least, we also deal with the tax issues of real estate transactions, including advising and optimizing tax obligations. Where necessary, we also provide a legal due diligence on real estate, including a thorough verification of all relevant information about the property to provide our clients with a clear overview of the property’s condition, its history and potential legal or financial risks. Our thorough services and analysis enable our clients to make informed decisions and maximize the value of their real estate investment and their assets.

Real estate law

Lease Law

We also provide expert legal assistance focused on lease law, which primarily includes the drafting and optimization of lease agreements for apartments (leasehold) and non-residential premises. We offer our services to both property owners and tenants, with the aim of simplifying complex legal processes and ensuring that all contracts and other documents are drafted clearly, carefully and in accordance with current legislation and case law, in order to protect the interests of both parties and avoid future disputes.

We also deal with the recovery of rent and utility arrears and support landlords in dealing with unreliable or unadaptable tenants. In particular, we provide legal support for correct and legally unobjectionable evictions and represent clients in any court proceedings for eviction. Our aim is to ensure that our clients can rely on us to help them through any challenging situation, we provide caring support and strive for a smooth and fair resolution of all tenancy relationships.

In addition, we offer advice on correct utility and energy billing and help both landlords and tenants to resolve billing difficulties. We advise landlords on how to avoid severe penalties and fines, while we help tenants ensure that utilities and energy are billed fairly and transparently. We provide not only legal but also human support to our clients in all aspects of tenancy law.

Real estate law

Rights in Rem, Servitudes and Property Management

Our services cover legal assistance not only in connection with property rights, but also all other rights in rem to real estate, whether they are the most common rights in practice (housing servitudes, utility constructions, liens, rights to access roads) or less traditional (e.g. construction rights or real encumbrances). In addition to preparing contractual documentation and securing registration in the Land Registry, we will also assist you in the proper selection and formulation of the property right that best suits your needs and expectations.

We also provide support for situations where the entry in the Land Registry is no longer up-to-date or does not accurately reflect the actual status of the rights in rem, and may lead to legal confusion and disputes. We therefore offer support in the event of an inadequate or out-of-date (historical) entry in the Land Registry, including advice on the best course of action for updating and correcting entries to reflect the current and required status.

We also pay special attention to inheritance and the transfer of property between generations. We provide comprehensive legal services for these sensitive and often complex situations, which include not only the preparation and implementation of the transfer of ownership, but also, for example, advice on tax optimisation and trusts. We also advise on the selection of appropriate legal instruments to effectively manage and protect family assets and their transfer to future generations, while respecting our clients’ wishes and safeguarding their property interests.

Real estate law

Co-ownership and Real Estate Disputes

As part of our services, we also deal with aspects of co-ownership of real estate, providing expert advice for the effective management of co-owned property and the resolution of relations between co-owners. Fair and transparent management of common property is key to harmonious relations between co-owners and avoiding potential conflicts. Our services include support in the negotiation and formulation of agreements between co-owners, ensuring that the rights and obligations of each party are clearly defined.

Disputes between co-owners of real estate can arise for a number of reasons, whether it is a disagreement over the use of the property, its maintenance, or the allocation of costs or revenues associated with it. In such cases, we provide legal representation and advice with the aim of reaching a satisfactory solution for all parties involved. We also focus on the division of common property and the settlement of co-ownership, including legal assistance in the drafting and implementation of settlement agreements that allow for a fair division of property between co-owners. If necessary, we also provide representation in the court settlement of co-ownership.

We also deal with tax issues related to the co-ownership of real estate, providing advice on optimising tax liabilities related to the ownership, sale or inheritance of real estate. Our services include comprehensive legal representation in real estate disputes, including compensation for damages and defending our clients’ rights in court. Our focus is always on clearly and efficiently addressing our clients’ legal needs, with the goal of minimizing conflicts and securing fair settlements for all parties involved, with an emphasis on protecting our clients’ interests.