Commercial and contract law

Commercial and Contract Law at the Law Firm Advokát 21

In our law firm, we provide comprehensive services in the field of commercial and contract law, which are essential for the success and protection of your business in the modern commercial world. We tailor our services to meet the needs of a wide range of clients – from individual entrepreneurs to large corporations. We are also happy to assist non-business individuals in this area.

Commercial and contract law
Commercial and contract law

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

Our contract drafting and review work covers a wide range of contract types. We focus on the precise formulation of contractual terms and conditions to ensure that they comply with current legal standards and the practice of courts and administrative authorities, while reflecting the specific needs and objectives of our clients. Our services cover contracts for the sale of goods and services, purchase and gift agreements, lease and rental agreements, work contracts, commercial agency agreements, distribution agreements and many others.

We provide drafting or reviewing contracts in all possible areas of law and have extensive experience in providing advice tailored to the needs of the everyday lawyer in his or her life. A key element of our work is ensuring that contracts are clear, fair and offer protection for all parties involved. We like contracts to be balanced and fair play.

Commercial and contract law

Contracts for Work and Disputes Arising from Them

We have many years of experience with contracts of work and disputes arising from them, particularly in the construction industry. We are happy to guide our clients through the process at every stage, whether as client or contractor. Our emphasis is on finding a reasonable solution.

Commercial and contract law

Business Transactions and Negotiations

We offer legal support across the full spectrum of commercial transactions, including complex business negotiations and strategy development. Our services include detailed preparation and analysis of business agreements, representation of clients during negotiations, as well as the development of strategies to optimize commercial transactions. Our approach is focused on understanding the specific goals and needs of each client, enabling us to create customized and effective solutions for each individual transaction.

Our work involves comprehensive services from preliminary analysis and assessment of potential risks and opportunities, through drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, to legal support during the implementation of agreements and providing advice on their fulfillment. We ensure that commercial transactions not only meet all legal requirements but are also structured and tailored to the unique needs of each client and their objectives.

Commercial and contract law

Corporate Structures and Mergers and Acquisitions

We will advise you on suitable corporate structures and procedures for mergers and acquisitions. We offer guidance on choosing the most appropriate legal form for your company, support in planning and executing mergers and acquisitions, and advice on restructurings. Our services include comprehensive preparation and execution of transactions, including drafting and negotiating contracts and assistance with regulatory requirements.

Commercial and contract law

Legal Audits and Compliance

We conduct legal audits and offer advice on compliance with legal regulations and internal guidelines. Our services include the analysis and evaluation of existing corporate and business processes, identification of potential risk areas, and the creation of recommendations to ensure compliance with legal regulations.

We also focus on due diligence, a key area for identifying possible risks and opportunities associated with business transactions. In areas requiring specialized knowledge, we are happy to offer collaboration with other experts.

Commercial and contract law

Risk Analysis and Dispute Resolution

We provide comprehensive risk analysis and dispute prevention services with a focus on identifying and minimizing legal risks associated with our clients’ business activities. To do so, we offer in-depth analyses of contracts, business operations and internal processes in light of applicable legislation and case law.

When disputes arise, we provide legal representation at all stages of dispute resolution, from negotiation and mediation, where we emphasize finding effective and sustainable solutions that protect our clients’ interests, to litigation, which we approach with a carefully prepared strategy based on an analysis of each case and aimed at achieving the best possible outcome.

In addition, we also advise on crisis management, where we help clients prepare for unforeseen situations and respond effectively should such situations arise. Our goal is not only to solve current problems, but also to build our clients’ resilience against future legal challenges.

Commercial and contract law

Intellectual Property and Technology Protection

We provide comprehensive advice in the field of intellectual property and technology protection. Our goal is to ensure that your innovations, ideas, and creative works are adequately protected against unauthorized use or imitation. We offer a wide range of services, including the registration and protection of intellectual property rights, especially trademarks and copyrights. We thoroughly analyze potential risks and propose strategies for the effective utilization and defense of your rights.

Additionally, we offer advice on licensing agreements, including negotiating contractual terms, managing risks, and securing legal protection for your interests. We understand the importance of setting up the right business relationships and offer support in the field of intellectual property for startups and technology companies. We also address issues related to personal data protection and related legal aspects in the digital environment, which are essential for business today. We keep up with the latest developments in these areas to provide you with up-to-date and relevant legal advice that will support your business activities and protect your rights.

Commercial and contract law

Legal Advice for Start-ups and Small Businesses

We offer legal services specifically focused on the needs of startups and small businesses. We are aware of the challenges faced by these businesses and offer targeted solutions to assist with business formation, drafting incorporation agreements and documents, and providing legal support for financing and investments. Our goal is to provide support in the development and expansion of your business, whether it’s entering new markets or developing products and services.

In addition to basic services such as assistance with company formation and drafting incorporation documents, we offer advice on commercial law, employment law and intellectual property protection, which is crucial for startups and small businesses. We also handle the legal aspects of financing, including negotiating with investors and drafting investment agreements. Our services also include support with commercial contracts, dispute resolution and advice on regulatory and compliance frameworks.

We work with notaries and other professionals to ensure that all legal steps are carried out correctly and in accordance with current legislation. We understand that every startup and small business is unique, and we approach our clients individually with attention to detail and an understanding of their specific requirements and goals. Our firm is ready to support you at every stage of your business and help you achieve long-term success.

Commercial and contract law

Long-term Cooperation and Support

As your long-term legal partners, we provide continuous legal advice and support. Our firm is ready to support you in every step of your business journey, whether it is day-to-day operations, strategic decision-making or long-term planning and expansion. Sustained and mutually beneficial cooperation is our intention and we would be delighted if you contact us for all your legal matters in the long term.