Inheritance law

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Navigating through inheritance law is a complex journey full of slight legal differences and personal decisions. Our law firm specializes in providing comprehensive inheritance law services, including the preparation of wills, strategic assets transfer planning, tax advice, representing heirs in probate proceedings, and resolving inheritance disputes. With an understanding of each client’s individual needs, we offer customized solutions that respect your wishes and ensure that your inheritance is well-managed and your rights are protected. We also provide expert representation in inheritance processes and dispute resolution and support in the distribution of the estate to ensure a fair and efficient settlement to your wishes.

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Inheritance law

Disposition Mortis Causa: Securing Your Last Will and Testament

A quality legal service is essential, especially when it is crucial to prepare for unforeseen situations. In the case of wills and other dispositions mortis causa, it is crucial to ensure that your last wishes are expressed clearly and in a legally unquestionable way. We focus on the thorough preparation and review of these documents, including related documents such as deed of disinheritance, to ensure that your wishes are always respected even when you are no longer able to intervene in person.

Of course, a detailed review and revision of all aspects of your death arrangements is a matter of course, as well as ensuring that you work with a reputable notary public to ensure not only the accuracy and validity of these documents, but also their smooth execution when the time comes. Our services include comprehensive advice on inheritance and all aspects of it, including disinheritance options and their legal consequences, to protect your interests and ideas about the future fate of your estate.

Our goal is to make sure your last wishes are respected and your loved ones are protected. We tailor all our services to each client, so you can rely on them to reflect your specific needs and wishes, with careful attention to every detail of your specific disposition. With us, you are assured that your legacy will be administered just as you wish.

Inheritance law

Support in Inheritance Processes

In the process of inheritance, we come to the help of our clients with a full range of services, from representation at notaries to comprehensive supervision of the entire course of inheritance procedures and all its stages. Our work includes the preparation of draft of agreements as to future successions and settlements on the division of the estate, where careful preparation and legal experience based mainly on five years of JUDr. Novotný’s past work as a notary play a key role. Our goal is always to find a fair solution for all parties involved.

We are ready to defend your rights in cases of unjustified disinheritance or other legal irregularities related to the settlement of inheritance. We offer not only legal support, but also a human touch and understanding. Inheritance proceedings, often taking place during an emotionally stressful time, can be emotionally challenging for many. We therefore aim to minimise the stress associated with the process and find the best possible solution for you and your loved ones.

Inheritance law

Comprehensive Inheritance Solutions

Inheritance is a complex process that requires careful consideration of all related aspects and options. Our law firm provides comprehensive services aimed at optimizing inheritance procedures. We take into account a wide range of inheritance law institutes and offer expert guidance in the process of selecting the most appropriate instrument for your inheritance, including legacies, lifetime giving, or the trust funds set up.

Tax planning is also an important aspect of our service, taking into account the potential tax implications of your decisions. Our expertise allows us to identify strategies to minimize the tax burden not only for you, but also for your heirs, even over the long term. The goal is to ensure that your assets are passed on to future generations as efficiently as possible, taking into account all legal and tax considerations.

We approach your inheritance with anticipation and strategic planning to ensure that your last wishes and intentions are carried out exactly as you envision. Our team is accustomed to providing personalized advice and support that respects your personal and financial goals and ensures a peaceful transition of your legacy to future generations.

Inheritance law

Alternative Options for the Transfer of Property

The transfer of property between generations is not limited to traditional inheritance proceedings. There are many alternative legal means that allow for the transfer of property according to individual wishes and needs. These options include legacies, lifetime giving, disposition mortis causa, fiduciary succession, and trusts. Our firm provides detailed advice to help you select the most appropriate instrument for your situation, taking into account legal, financial and tax considerations.

Considering the right course of action and strategic planning is key to a successful and efficient transfer of estate. We offer a comprehensive service that includes not only the selection of the most appropriate instrument, but also the planning and implementation of the asset transfer process. This will ensure that your assets are transferred in accordance with your wishes while avoiding excessive tax burdens.

Our goal is to provide you and your loved ones with certainty and security in the transfer process. With our expert support, you can choose from the wide range of options provided by today’s legislation to find the best solutions tailored to your individual needs and ensure that your assets serve your heirs as you wish.

Inheritance law

Custom Modern Solutions

In today’s society, we encounter many unconventional family structures such as unmarried couples, families with children from past relationships and other unconventional arrangements. These situations require a specific legal approach that respects the uniqueness of each family. Our firm offers legal solutions customized to the specific needs and challenges associated with inheritance in these diverse family constructs.

Our goal is to ensure that estate transfers are handled fairly and efficiently, respecting the rights and wishes of all parties involved. We provide advice and representation to help our clients navigate the legal environment, including drafting and reviewing inheritance documents that reflect the specifics of their family situations.

Our work incorporates innovative and inclusive elements of legal services that respond to the dynamics of modern family life. With our help, you can be confident that your family’s assets will be managed with respect for your personal needs and your family’s wishes, no matter how unconventional your family may be.