Administrative and criminal law

Administrative and Criminal Law at the Law Firm Advokát 21

Our law firm focuses on administrative and criminal law, in addition to general and conventional areas of practice. We offer comprehensive legal services for individuals and businesses facing challenges in their relations with public administration. With experience and seasoned practices against the complexities of bureaucracy and administrative and criminal proceedings, we provide expert representation, advice and defense to help ensure your rights and freedoms are protected. Our mission is to stand by your side, protect your interests and offer support at key moments in your personal and professional life.

Administrative and criminal law
Administrative and criminal law

Representation on Behalf of Clients and Communication with the Authorities

Our firm provides comprehensive legal services in the field of administrative law, with a focus on representing clients before the authorities and communicating effectively with them. We help our clients navigate through the complex processes of administration and bureaucracy, first and foremost by ensuring that their applications and other submissions are always prepared to their satisfaction and with the utmost care before being sent to the authorities.

Our services cover, for example, the preparation of a trade licence and advice on the correct choice and definition of trade, which is key to a successful business. In the area of construction law, we offer professional support in interacting with building authorities, including dealing with changes in zoning plans or neighbour relations when public authorities are involved. In addition to building authorities, these often include other authorities, in particular water and other environmental authorities, sanitary stations, etc. In addition, we also focus on foreigners’ law, where we help clients to go through the processes related to the stay and work of foreigners in the Czech Republic.

Our goal is to represent our clients and defend their interests in all types of situations they face, which today requires lawyers not only to represent them in court, but also in various administrative proceedings. In these increasingly complex proceedings, it is often challenging for individuals and private parties to ensure that their rights are always protected. That is why we look for the best possible support in any situation that requires interaction with the public administration.

Administrative and criminal law

Defence Against the Authorities and Public Power

Relationships and conflicts with public authorities can affect not only your business but also your personal life in a very unpleasant way. That is why we offer expert defence against decisions and actions of the authorities – from defence against unjustified fines for traffic offences, to trade inspections, to tax proceedings. Our services include the careful preparation of strategies and defenses against the authorities’ actions, representation in administrative proceedings and audits, including tax audits.

Of course, we also provide legal advice and support in the preparation of actions against the authorities when it is not possible to ensure sufficient and effective protection of our clients’ rights at the level of administrative proceedings. Whether it be actions against decisions of the authorities, defending against their passivity and inaction, or actions for damages or against unlawful interference by public authorities, it is sometimes possible to obtain protection only in the administrative courts.

In such a case, our services cover the entire process of legal defence, from the preparation and drafting of the claim, through representation in court proceedings, including remedies, to the subsequent resolution of the situation with the authorities after the final court decision and its eventual enforcement.

Administrative and criminal law

Protection of Civil and Political Rights

We believe that the basis of a healthy society is the effective protection of fundamental civil rights and freedoms. That is why our services include the promotion and protection of civil and political rights. Whether it is the right to information from authorities and public bodies, which is nowadays the basis for informed decisions and the protection of private and public interests, or, for example, support in the preparation of petitions, we stand firmly on the side of protecting and promoting civil and political rights.

Today, it is more important than ever to effectively ensure the right to information, freedom of expression and protection of privacy, which are the cornerstones of a democratic society. That is why we help our clients to fulfil their political rights and provide a solid basis for the defence of these fundamental freedoms. We are ready to offer expert advice and representation in matters relating to public assemblies when they are needed to protect freedoms, as well as defending against interference with privacy or other personal freedoms or in cases of discrimination by the authorities, effectively protecting the basic cornerstones of a free society even in the digital era.

Administrative and criminal law

Defence and Representation in Criminal Proceedings

Even today, the greatest intrusion of public power into personal life is a criminal prosecution, which can turn your life upside down and affect your family, work, relationships and future. Unjustified criminal proceedings are particularly challenging and the individual is unable to defend themselves competently against the charges. We understand the seriousness and stress that criminal proceedings entail, which is why we provide a careful and focused defense in these cases, always tailored to our clients.

Our goal is to protect our clients’ rights at all stages of the criminal process, from police investigation to trial or out-of-court or alternative resolution of criminal charges. The key to our defense is an individualized approach and thorough preparation of each case, including analyzing all evidence and using all available legal tools to provide the best possible defense. For anyone in the position of the accused, emotional support and sensitivity, including from their legal representatives, and an understanding of the impact of such a situation on their personal life, is also absolutely essential.

We therefore make it a priority to not only achieve the best possible outcome in the courtroom or out of court settlement or other diversion in criminal proceedings, but also to ensure that our clients are fully informed and feel supported in these challenging situations and feel that someone is standing firmly beside them to face the challenges of criminal proceedings with them, with an emphasis on professionalism, empathy and expertise.